WHEN, a non-profit charitable organization, teaches individuals & communities how to reduce their risk of diseases influenced by the environment. Since 1994, WHEN has been a trusted source of credible information on emerging environmental health topics, promoting the environment as a key determinant of public health.

A world where everyone can make healthy choices about their own environment.


To raise awareness on how one’s environment can impact personal health using evidence-based information and tools. To empower women to influence their communities and improve their health.

Our Guiding Principles and Values:

  • Supporting environmental and social consciousness to mobilize communities to take action towards building a toxic free world
  • Leveraging women as catalysts for change
  • Engaging communities in ways that acknowledge social inequality and strive for inclusion
  • Acting in ways that are collaborative and respectful, within an anti-oppressive and feminist framework
  • Using credible, current and evidence-based information


WHEN is a Toronto-based non-profit charitable organization that teaches individuals and communities how to reduce their risk of illness and injury that arise from elements of the environment that surrounds us – this includes, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. WHEN uses the influence and knowledge of women to become champions for change. WHEN is a trusted source of credible tools and information for women on today’s relevant and emerging environmental health topics.

Since 1994, WHEN has been educating the general public, media and policy makers that environmental health is a key determinant of public health, and has promoted public action for the prevention of environmental health harms.

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