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Dec 142013


  • Toxic-free holidays tips
  • Book Review: Raising Elijah, by Sandra Steingraber
  • Cancer Prevention Challenge Wrap Up
  • T’is the Season (to give green!)
  • What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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Oct 262013

The Cancer Prevention Challenge is drawing to a close, with just one week left!  We’ve packed a lot into our latest bulletin because we still have so much to share about cancer prevention! Check out our campaign progress and:

  • Our business participant Anarres Natural Health
  • A call for a Royal Commission on the Environment and Health and the ‘Use the System’ campaign
  • Great articles on healthy eating and the cancer prevention benefits of exercise
  • More great recipes
  • Profile of WHEN’s popular Connect events

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 Posted by on October 26, 2013
Oct 242013
By Laila Harris, MA, BA (hons.), WHEN Board of Directors

It was early on that I developed an interest and passion for the environment and for living a natural lifestyle. While my mother had always raised us to eat natural foods, use natural products, and moved our family away from Toronto to a forested paradise in Northern Ontario when I was 10 years old, it wasn’t until I went to university that my consciousness about the environment really began to develop.

At this time, my concept of the natural world grew from the enjoyment I had always experienced at being one in the calming beauty of natural landscapes, to a greater reflection on the meaning of nature in our society. In particular, I became interested in the ways in which cultural norms have lead us to mistreat the natural environment (and in turn ourselves), in favor of profit, capitalist gains, and near-sighted greed.

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 Posted by on October 24, 2013
Oct 242013
Contributed by Salma Nassif

In Syrian cuisine Garlic is used so often in salads. But my friend told me recently that garlic and onion family are considered toxic in Ayurveda (especially so if consumed raw).  I tried to stop consuming them the way I used to and indeed my health improved, my face became more radiant and I had no dark circles around my eyes.

One good way to use a garlic-free yet flavorful healthy salad dressings is by using pomegranate molasses (sugar-free of course).

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 Posted by on October 24, 2013
Oct 242013
by Merryl Hammond, PhD., Judith Quinn, BScN., Marsha Akman


For decades now, activists have been calling for government regulation of various industries due to concerns about public health. Many of us have been deeply concerned about the health impacts of carcinogens, toxins, pesticides, radiation, endocrine disruptors, asbestos, plastics, GMOs, nanoparticles, contamination of the water, soil air and food… The list goes on.

The incidence of many forms of cancer, autism, neurobehavioural disorders, allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases is on the rise. Often links are made to contamination of the environment as one, if not the main, cause for these increases.

Now, a group of activists has launched a Use the System campaign to bring all these concerns under one umbrella. Phase I of this campaign is a petition calling for a Royal Commission on the Environment and Health.

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