May 292012

This weekend is Toronto’s Sage Fair!

The Sage Fair is truly unique – an opportunity to indulge your mind, body and spirit with inspiring workshops on a variety of topics and a fantastic group of exhibitors offering a range of products and services to enhance your lifestyle.

WHEN is proud to be giving toxic-free cleaning product Do-It-Yourself demos with Anarras Natural Health all weekend long!

Ever thought making your own products would be too messy or inconvenient?  Ever worried that the products wouldn’t clean as well?  Well, then drop by our booth to learn how easy, cheap, and effective (and even, I dare say fun) making your own toxic-free cleaning products can be.  These products are better for you, better for the water, produce less waste, cost much less, and give you that rosey DIY glow.  Bring an empty container or two, come by to learn how to do it yourself, and take some home – all Free!

For the Sage Fair times and location, see our events page.



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Mar 282012

Welcome to the new WHEN website. Same location but a whole new look and feel. Explore and enjoy!
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Jan 292012

Wondering what you can do that will make a difference in your life and the life of the planet? Start small and you are bound to succeed. Here are a few ideas for you to think about to help live healthier and happier in 2012.  Choose pesticide free fruits and vegetables, switch your shampoo, have a clothing swap, cut out plastic and educate yourself!

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