The 2013 Cancer Prevention Challenge: Week 4


We now have 15 people signed up and over $2,500 raised!  But we won’t reach our goal without more support from our readers  – if you care about WHEN but would rather not be a fundraiser yourself, just scroll down the list below and find someone to sponsor.

Tracey TieF from Anarres is offering her amazing DIY workshops, Radmila is giving up plastic for a month, Marie is running a fundraising dinner party series and Marci and Greg are throwing a soiree!

Join other individuals and businesses that support the primary prevention of cancer.  Help us make a difference in the fight against cancer…

Join as a socially responsible business  – tells what you do that contributes to cancer prevention. Donate part of your proceeds or create an awareness event, and make a contribution towards WHEN’s cancer prevention work while you tell your story. We’re always looking for more partners!

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Tracey TieF of Anarres Natural Health
Julie Hwang
Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg
Enida Kule
Tracey Tang
Greg and Marci
Sue Beazley
Marie Lorenzo
Radmila Rakas
Anne Stewart of Environmental Health Consulting
Kathy Koch
Abby Mitchell
Nina Mazze
Mary Yang of Marie Natie Cosmetics

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