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The World Health Organization states that, “prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer,” and cites a variety of preventable factors which can lead to cancer in our daily lives, including pollution, occupational carcinogens, and radiation.

Many individuals, businesses and partner organizations that have stood up for cancer prevention have made a big difference in the fight against cancer.


How to participate

There are many ways in which you can participate in the Cancer Prevention Challenge:
Become a participant: Register your own event, as an individual or as a business, and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.
Sponsor a participant: Find a participant who’s event speaks to you, and sponsor him/her by donating on his/her events page.
Donate to WHEN: If you are too busy to browse through the list of challenges and events, or can’t decide who to sponsor, you can simply donate to WHEN. Our work is focused on the prevention of environmentally related diseases.

Individual Participants

1. Join the Cancer Prevention Challenge and set your fundraising goal! Click here to get started.

2.  Create Your Own Event or Challenge:

Example 1: Join the Go Fragrance-Free” Challenge! Use WHEN’s How-To Guide to eliminate fragrance and parfum-containing products from your personal care collection, and ask your friends and family to help you reach your CPC Fundraising goal.

Example 2: Approach your Yoga studio and have them promote donating the proceeds of a class to supporting the Cancer Prevention Challenge!

Example 3: A previous participant asked her friends to clean their closets of all unwanted clothes, and then held a clothing auction! She recorded the funds raised from the auction at her personal web page.

Example 4: Enter a race or a marathon, and use your Cancer Prevention Challenge personal web page to encourage supporters to help you reach your CPC fundraising goal.

Example 5: Have a Party! From getting all your friends to go Bowling, to hosting a dinner party, to performing a mini concert, participants never cease to let their creativity flow.

3.   Just ASK for Donations! You don’t need to host the best event of the year to raise funds. Simply ask your friends and family to donate for a good cause! Take courage, and be politely persistent! Our best fundraiser of all time sent a weekly email update about her fundraising achievements to a large group of friends and family. Within a few short weeks, she raised well over $10,000 two years in a row!! What will your challenge be?

Participate as a business!

With one of our business participation options, WHEN will feature your business in a variety of ways through our website, the CPC weekly bulletin, and our social media network.

Here is how to launch your own campaign:

  1. Register your Business:
    Option A: Set your fundraising goal (as high as you want it) through our site on GiftTool. If you raise $200 towards your campaign, you will be refunded for the $15 initial donation.
    Option B – $100 initial donation: If you raise $300 towards your campaign, you will be refunded for the $100 registration fee. With this option, you will also receive the following promo package:

List of Benefits For Option B Registrants:

  • List your business name in each CPC Bulletin
  • Recognition of your business campaign in the CPC bulletin
  • Include your business name in WHEN’s newsletter
  • We will prepare 20 facebook posts about your CPC campaign and post it on WHEN facebook (5 posts/week for 4 weeks)
  • We will Tweet your business at least 7 times a week, during CPC challenge period
  • Retweet all relevant tweets containing the hashtag #CancerPrevention
  • Repost/share all relevant facebook posts that WHEN is tagged in
  • WHEN will recognize and thank your business for participating in the CPC 2015 and will summarize the funds raised by each business in the last CPC bulletin 2015.

2. Set your Fundraising Goal.

3. Select your Campaign. (How will your business raise money to donate?)

  • Pledge-a-thon:
    • pledge to donate a set percentage of sales for the month of October to WHEN for the Cancer Prevention Challenge 2015 (e.g. 10% of sales revenue). A cap on donation amounts are welcome.OR
    • donate a set amount per retweet of material from your business account including @companyname and #cancerprevention (e.g. $1 per retweet and $.50 per ‘favourite’). A cap on donation amounts are welcome.
  • Monthly Donations:
    • Become a monthly donor for a minimum of one calendar year (12 months) with a minimum pledged donation amount of $25 per month.

4. Populate your Fundraising Page (on our platform) and Share with your Networks!

WHEN is here to support our partner businesses. Please let us know personally if you have any questions or issues with the sign-up process at

Happy Campaigning!

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