To raise funds for your favorite cancer prevention organization or project, you’ve come to the right place!

With a little chutzpah and creativity, you – as an Individual fundraiser, or a whole crew working as a Cancer Prevention Challenge Team – can easily raise thousands of dollars.

How does this work? Through this web site, we provide you and/or your Team with all the electronic tools you need to register on-line, set a fundraising goal, create web pages, and seek on-line donations from your friends, family and co-workers for your chosen project.

Best ways to raise funds.

#1 – Create Your Own Event.

  • For example, Liz Armstrong holds an Annual Women’s Potluck & Poker Night for Cancer Prevention every April. As Captain of the Ya Ya Sistahs & Bruddahs Too, Liz charges $20 per participant to get her poker chips for the event and encourages everyone to leave the $$ on the table at the end of the night.
  • Example 2: Diana Daghofer, Prevent Cancer Now Co-Chair, organizes an annual fundraising event in Rossland BC. This year it’s the Kiss Off Cancer Cookoff!
  • In 2008, Fran Rubio of The Preventers asked her friends to clean their closets of all unwanted clothes, and then held a clothing auction! She recorded the funds raised from the auction at her personal web page.

We challenge you to create the best fundraiser yet – big or small ! There’s a prize if you come up with the most creative fundraiser and/or if you raise the most money doing it.

#2 – Piggyback on an Existing Event.

Since 2004, many of our fundraisers have participated in the exciting, energetic Ottawa Race Weekend, being held May 23-24 this year. Each enters the event they choose, then they use their Cancer Prevention Challenge personal web page to urge supporters to help them reach their CPC fundraising goal. Another running event that welcomes ‘piggybacking’ fundraisers like us is the Toronto Waterfront Marathon but there are countless events across the country to piggyback on.

#3 – Just ASK for donations!

If you’ve got a great cancer prevention project you’re fundraising for, most people don’t care if you do anything to ‘earn’ the funds, such running, walking, skiing, playing poker or – whatever! (Those activities are mainly supposed to make fundraising fun for YOU.) The people who know cancer prevention is the best way to stop the cancer epidemic in Canada will support you, as long as you’re not afraid to ask. Take courage, and be politely persistent! Our best fund-raiser of all time, Pat Dobec of Southampton Ontario, sent a weekly email update about her fundraising achievements to a large group of friends and family. And, within a few short weeks, she raised well over $10,000 two years in a row.

On-line Donations

All donations to The Cancer Prevention Challenge must be made online with a credit card.

What about donors who don’t want to use their credit cards on-line because it makes them nervous? Even though our donation site through GiftTool of Toronto is ultra-secure, here’s an easy alternative. Ask for cash (or a cheque payable to you), and use your own credit card to make their donation for them. If the donation is $20 or more, include the donor’s full name, address, postal code and email address in the donor information section, to ensure he/she will receive an official charitable receipt by email. What if you donor doesn’t have email? Put in your own email address, then snail mail or give your donor the receipt the next time you see them!

Fundraising 101: The low-down on creating FUN(ds) fast

Whether your goal is $250 or $25,000, you may be thinking that that is a lot of sponsorships at first, doesn’t it? But – by being positive, enthusiastic and persistent, you can – and will – get to whatever fundraising goal you choose.

FACT: Making it fun will get you there even faster!

The following 10 steps will help raise $$ for cancer prevention and have FUN while doing it.

  1. Set your sights high! Establish a realistic but challenging $$ goal for sponsorships. Write it down in ink. If you believe you can do it – that’s the first step to getting there.
  2. Make a list of Prospective Donors – you know more people than you think! Aside from family members, friends, neighbours and your work colleagues, there are many more: your family doctor, dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, the life insurance agent who wants to sell you that policy, the owners of local stores and restaurants you have loyally patronized over the years, the realtor who sold your house… Don’t be shy. Ask!
  3. Write and send a brief fundraising appeal letter. Tell your potential sponsors what you’re doing and why you believe cancer prevention is so crucial. Personalize your message if you have time; it makes a big difference. Our top all-time fund-raiser sent several dozen personalized letters by snail-mail, each with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. She raised more than $13,000! Personalized emails are also effective.
  4. Plan a fundraising (and fun-raising) get-together. Ask a group of potential sponsors to join you for a barbecue or to play in your annual ping-pong tourney. Charge a fee, say $20 each. Be clear when you invite people that the purpose – aside from fun – is to support you reaching your $$ goal in the Cancer Prevention Challenge.
  5. If you’d prefer to have a more serious get-together to talk about cancer prevention issues, contact us to borrow one of several excellent films, including:
    • Toxic Trespass: A film about children’s health and the environment
    • Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer, hosted by singer, actor and breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John.
  6. Ask your friends to ask their friends to raise funds for you too. Multiply your efforts. One participant’s sister, who couldn’t make it to the Ottawa Race Weekend at the end of May last year, raised $1,000 in her own home town!
  7. Have that garage sale you’ve been putting off. (But maybe wait till the warmer days of Spring…)
  8. Save your loonies and two-nies for a month. All those loose coins sure add up.
  9. Ask a friend or two to participate with you – as a runner, walker or whatever activity you choose.
  10. Thank all your donors when it’s all over – and let them know how much money you raised for your special cancer prevention project.

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