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TOXIC TRESPASS A film about children’s health and the environment

ToxicTrespass - DVD

Toxic Trespass is accompanied by a comprehensive, 66-page resource guide, Taking Action on Children’s Health and the Environment. The Resource Guide is filled with background research, resources, and suggested discussion questions for educators, health professionals, parents, activists, and concerned citizens. Click here to read more about this film or visit

Toxic Trespass is available as a set which includes the 80 minute Director’s Cut and 53 minute Television Hour. Single DVDs are also available. All orders include the Resource Guide.

Price varies depending on buyer type and video option chosen, but starts at $29.00 (plus postage)

EXPOSURE Environmental Links to Breast Cancer

This video was conceived in response to the growing public debate about the implications of our contaminated world on the health of women. Today one in three people will get cancer. One in four will die from it. In the 1950’s, women in industrialised countries were at a one in twenty risk of developing breast cancer over their lifetime. Click here to read more about this film

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Languages: DVD available in English only.

Note: VHS versions in English, French and Spanish are available for FREE (shipping not included). Contact us to enquire.

Prices include the DVD and a 60-page Resource Guide, Taking Action for a Healthy Future (2009 edition), full of practical information related to the film. (Thanks to the Saunders-Matthey Foundation for the funding to update this resource guide).

“Rachel Carson was Right” buttons

Support WHEN and stimulate discussion in your own circles! Get your own “Rachel Carson was Right” button.

WHY was Rachel Carson RIGHT?

Rachel Carson (1907–1964) was an American marine biologist and nature writer whose writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement, which led to the initiation of Earth Day.
Disturbed by the reckless use of synthetic chemical pesticides after World War II, Carson used her communications skills and her background as a marine biologist to warn the public about the long-term effects of toxic pesticides. In her book Silent Spring (1962) she challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the government, and called for a change in the way humankind viewed the natural world. She also alerted the world to the dangers to public health of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.
She was attacked by the chemical industry and some in government as an alarmist, but courageously spoke out to remind us that we are a vulnerable part of the natural world subject to the same damage as the rest of the ecosystem. Testifying before Congress in 1963, she called for new policies to protect human health and the environment. Rachel Carson died in 1964 after a long battle against breast cancer. Her witness for the beauty and integrity of life continues to inspire new generations to protect the living world and all its creatures.
(Adapted from; Linda Lear, biographer.)

These buttons were made in Canada, using recycled metal and 100% recycled paper, and have a low gauge film coating, rather than the standard mylar plastic. Buttons come in two designs. Small (black) button is 1.5″ in diameter and $1 each. Large (pink) button is 2.5″ in diameter and $2 each. Note: Shipping for the large buttons is an additional $4 for up to 4 buttons. Each order includes 4 buttons.

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