Staff and Volunteers


Staff & Volunteers

Photo of Dr. Julie Hwang BSc, ND
Dr. Julie Hwang BSc, ND
Executive Director WHEN (Womens Healthy Environments Network)

Julie Hwang has a strong passion for improving the health of her community. Her passion for prevention and education about environmental health risks comes from her academic and clinical training in naturopathic medicine, alongside her personal experience with youth education. She looks forward to helping men, women and families better understand the strong connection between environment, personal and public health in their everyday decisions.

Photo of Tiiu Sildva
Tiiu Sildva
Project Lead Communications

Tiiu comes to us with a passion to help others through collaboration in education and health promotion. With a Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Public Health, she has a strong background in international public health, nursing, community engagement, and academia including contributing to a World Health Organization Social Determinants of Health policy brief on sustainable energy, environment and health. Her international experience also includes indigenous health research in Australia and Uganda, and women’s community health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Photo of Laila Harris
Laila Harris
Volunteer – Editor-in-Chief for Connect (The WHEN zine) WHEN (Womens Healthy Environments Network)

Laila Harris joins WHEN with a passionate belief in the power of positive change, and in the innate human desire to connect with nature. With a background in anthropology, Laila has a strong interest in how the social and cultural contexts of women’s lives can impact the understandings, experiences, and responses they have to various environmental health issues. Laila’s commitment to the field of environmental health has inspired her to work with organic farm women in the Caribbean.

Photo of Elena Kouretsos
Elena Kouretsos
Social Media & Communications Volunteer Women’s Healthy Environments NetworkCommunications Team

A 20-something year old who’s passionate about keeping active and healthy and wants to inspire others to do the same! Always seeking challenges to better myself both mentally and physically. Honours BA in Communication Studies. Graduate student in Public Relations and Social Media Management.

What does “prevention” mean to me?
Stopping a problem before it ever becomes a problem.


Photo of Ola Odeleye
Ola Odeleye
Toxic Trespass Film Volunteer Films and Media

What does prevention mean to me?
Prevention means taking action through informed decision to reduce or stop predictable or harmful effect of a process or an event in order to get a desirable outcome.

Amanda Shiwnarain
Communications Volunteer

University of Toronto graduate with a BSc in Psychology along with a post-graduate certificate from Centennial College in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion, which is where I discovered my passion for health and wellness. I try to stay healthy and active by taking walks in parks, along the beach, and exploring the streets of the city with friends and family. When I am not being active I am usually drinking coffee, reading novels, or watching movies.

What does prevention mean to me?
Prevention means taking a preventative approach to one’s health through educating and informing ourselves that being healthy is not about being free of sicknesses and diseases alone, but also about a balanced lifestyle along with emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Photo of Sheena Jain
Sheena Jain
Researcher & Writer Women’s Healthy Environments Network

Working within the health care field, WHEN allows me to gain another perspective of preventative medicine.  Being a member of WHEN’s research and writing team allows me to further educate the public on the necessary precautions needed to overcome risks within the environment and promote healthy living.

Photo of Esha Jain
Esha Jain
Researcher & Writer Women’s Healthy Environments Network

As a member of WHEN’s research and writing team, I am able to collaboratively work with others to gain knowledge and educate the public on disease prevention within the environment and what precautions to take in order to eliminate or reduce health risks. Having experience working within the health care field WHEN gives me an opportunity to find alternative ways to promote healthy living.


Internship Program 2015

Samjhana Lamichhane
Education and Outreach Coordinator – E-zine Lead

Samjhana is a recent graduate in Masters in Environment Science from University of Toronto. She also holds Masters Degree in Social science and Bachelors in Environment Science from Nepal. Samjhana has more than 8 years of professional experience in research, project management, event planning & management, grant proposal, report writing and office administration. She is positively ambitious and passionate towards environmental conservation, sustainable development, community development and public health. She started her professional journey on these fields from 2006 where she was engaged with different International NGOs, local NGOs and agencies of United Nations. She was born in Nepal and has been in Canada since 2010. As part of Master’s Degree’s dissertation she did research on ‘Benefit Sharing Pattern of Community Forestry’ and ‘Socio-economic status of women in rural Areas of Nepal’.

Samjhana is completed her internship with WHEN and actively looking for the opportunities to excel her career in environment, sustainable development and community development and use her knowledge and skills creating a healthy and better society.

Delaram Erfanian
Education and Outreach Coordinator – Toxic Trespass Lead
Delaram is an environmental scientist about to graduate with a Master’s in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto. She became passionate about the environment early on in her life and chose to get a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Science. She has worked in the water and energy sector, in environmental toxicology and as an auditor. She interned with WHEN for 4 months working with the Toxic Free program, a Social Media Plan and with CPC.

was born and raised in Ecuador, but comes from Persian decent. She speaks 3 languages fluently and has lived in various countries including Hungary, Israel and Canada. She has worked mostly in Consulting and although it has given her a great deal of technical expertise, she is seeking to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.
She is interested to continue working in environmental toxicology and public health. Although she came to Toronto as an international student, she recently got engaged and will be staying in Canada.

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