Canada: Take Out the Talc!

We need the federal government to take strong action on talc. The talc screening assessment found that:

  • breathing in loose talc powder may have negative effects on the lungs, such as coughing, trouble breathing, decreased lung function and fibrosis; and

  • exposure to the perineal area from the use of certain products containing talc is a possible cause of ovarian cancer.

We are asking the federal government to prohibit talc in baby and self-care products.

Specifically, we ask that they pursue the strongest option options possible to manage the risks associated with this chemical:

Option 1, to prohibit or restrict talc in certain cosmetics which can be inhaled or used perineally by modifying the existing entry on Health Canada’s Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist.

Please add your name and tell the federal government that Canadians are seeking the strongest health protection measures to get talc out of our products.

More information:
Health Canada: Proposed risk management for talc
Health Canada: Talc - potential risk of lung effects and ovarian cancer

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