As things often do, the Run, Walk & Roll for Cancer Prevention – now The Cancer Prevention Challenge – started with a conversation. With no funding, but tons of enthusiasm and support from many people, the Cancer Prevention Challenge was born. In 2004, the plan was to partly raise funds to help fund the book being called Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic and then help get a Canadian prevention group (Prevent Cancer Now) off the ground. From 2004 to 2008, the geographic focus was mainly Ottawa’s great race weekend at the end of May, although we did have events in London and Windsor one year. Then, with interest for cancer prevention coming from people across Canada we decided to widen the scope. Hence, the transformation in 2009 to The Cancer Prevention Challenge.

The Cancer Prevention Challenge

Under this banner, all the people who want to play euchre, sell cupcakes, attend a dinner theatre night or raise funds for cancer prevention don’t feel either geographically excluded – or compelled to exercise at the same time!

Notable events of the past couple of years were Diana Daghofer’s inspiring Red Mountain Challenge, prevention talks, pyramid climbs, delicious dinners, including the movie-inspired menu prepared by WHEN supporters Marci and Greg, the CAW Durham Region Racers Sexy Laundry escapade at the Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, Ontario, and so much more.

Each year we look forward to your creative challenge ideas, and we thank you in advance for your support.  The Cancer Prevention Challenge runs from August 15 to October 31 each year.