Cassie Barker
Executive Director

Cassie brings insight and creativity to the projects and teams she leads, and has spent the past two decades working with environmental and social justice campaigns and organizations. Cassie holds a graduate degree (M.Sc) in Capacity Development and Extension, and a B.A. in Environment and Development from the University of Guelph.


Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg
Volunteer Education Coordinator, mentor and advisor


Dr. Julie Hwang BSc, ND

Julie Hwang has a strong passion for improving the health of her community. Her passion for prevention and education about environmental health risks comes from her academic and clinical training in naturopathic medicine, alongside her personal experience with youth education. She looks forward to helping men, women and families better understand the strong connection between environment, personal and public health in their everyday decisions.

Sheena Jain
Researcher & Writer

"Working within the health care field, WHEN allows me to gain another perspective of preventative medicine.  Being a member of WHEN’s research and writing team allows me to further educate the public on the necessary precautions needed to overcome risks within the environment and promote healthy living."

Esha Jain
Researcher & Writer

"As a member of WHEN’s research and writing team, I am able to collaboratively work with others to gain knowledge and educate the public on disease prevention within the environment and what precautions to take in order to eliminate or reduce health risks. Having experience working within the health care field WHEN gives me an opportunity to find alternative ways to promote healthy living."


Judith Lemieux
Social Media Coordinator 


Candice White
WTF Coordinator


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