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Blog Posts from our Volunteers
Trekking for WHEN... Thank you, Janet!

Trekking for WHEN… Thank you, Janet!

New this fall! WHEN is very excited to have long-time supporter Janet Maher engaging in a Charity Challenge on our behalf!

Hormones in Canadian Dairy Products? No "Whey"!

Hormones in Canadian Dairy Products? No “Whey”!

For many North Americans, allergies to dairy products have been linked to symptoms such as fatigue, sinus congestion, seasonal allergies, and digestive upset such as bloating and gas, changes in stool, and malabsorption of dietary or supplemented nutrients.

Summer is here! Choosing the best sunscreens...

Summer is here! Choosing the best sunscreens…

Choosing a good sunscreen can be a yearly challenge for some. Products are constantly changing, SPFs are climbing, and product claims are sometimes questionable. People fret over which ones to buy because they have heard that some sunscreens contain chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems.

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