Clean Air at Home

Considering our ice cold winters and snowstorms, it is no wonder that Canadians spend more than 90% of their time indoors. But are we really aware of our indoor air quality and the harmful toxins that exist within our homes? Not to mention, the health risks that can occur from being exposed to these agents?

Fashion is Toxic, but What's the Haulternative?

The fashion industry is the second largest global polluter for overall impacts after oil. It is the second most chemical dependent industry. 8000 chemicals turn raw materials into textile. These toxic chemicals pollute 5,640,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of water per year.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference: The Importance of Non-Toxic Products to Our Health & the Organic Solution

Sapna Singh, a member of “Nature’s Tale” outlined her process in discovering the importance of non-toxic products to our health and the small steps that she has taken, in order to make a greater impact when it comes to determining an organic solution.