Bill 66: People and Places Matter More Than Profit

Bill 66 undermines the importance of decades of bipartisan environmental protections in Ontario.

The Clean Water Act, the Greenbelt, the Great Lakes Protection Act and the Toxics Reduction Act are important tools for ensuring land use, drinking water protection, and air quality. The Walkerton tragedy, disappearing agricultural lands and natural ecosystems - these are real risks and irreversible damages to our province.

This Bill even undermines their “Made in Ontario” Environment Plan, and the Ontario government's promise under Ford to protect the Greenbelt.

These conflicting policies demonstrate a true lack of vision for community health and environmental conservation. We must hear a commitment to public health and safety, that people and places matter more than profit, and that we will be protected by this government - and not paced at risk by selling our community's health to the lowest bidder.

What you can do: send a note by January 20 to the government and tell them you oppose this backwards bill -