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Eva Johnson is an elder in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, located south of Montreal, and is currently Executive Director of the Kahnawake Environment Protection Office. She is a long-time activist for women's and environmental rights.  She appears in WHEN's film, Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer. As WHEN's Matron of honour, Michele had the following to say about WHEN:

Being involved with cancer prevention for over two decades, the improvement in care, communications and outreach has improved significantly.  This is only made possible through educational and support organizations such as the Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN).  Environmental degradation has recently taken a turn for the worse with the lessening of the Environmental Impact requirements for projects, especially the mega ones that had to perform to a higher standard.  This is a step back in time and certainly all that have the opportunity to read WHEN’s publications will agree that instead of lowering environmental health standards that they require strengthening.
I live in a community of approximately 9000 and I can’t have a conversation without some type of cancer (especially breast), being a topic.  It is of economical proportion and it feels like we’ve just begun our struggle, when in fact, governments supposedly woke up in 1987 and realized that environmental and chemical degradation was devastatingly impacting our health and lives.
We rely on WHEN to keep the fight going and ensure that women and their families can maintain a glimmer of hope that someone is working in their interest.  It can’t be stressed enough the importance that funding makes to assisting organizations continue their struggle to help.  As  a Mohawk Woman and Coordinator of the Kahnawake Environment Protection Office, I implore agencies, governments and individuals to contribute with the thought in mind that some day those innocent daughters and granddaughters that you love so dearly could be helped by your contribution.

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