Olivia Chow's words of support for WHEN


Olivia Chow  is a federal MP representing the downtown Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina, which she has held since 2006, after siting as the long-time Toronto City Councillor for the same area.  Dedicated to the public good, Olivia has been fighting for Toronto as an elected representative for the past thirty years.  She is also a constant defender of environmental and women's rights and supporter of WHEN. As WHEN's Matron of honour, Olivia had the following to say about WHEN:

With statistics suggesting that 40% of Canadian women will develop cancer during their lifetime, the importance of the efforts of the Women's Healthy Environment Network's are clear. The Network provides women with the knowledge and confidence to take ownership of their health and practice primary prevention. Their work in environmental health advocacy and outreach are important and deserve continued recognition and support from the broader community.

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