The Kale Crusader Speaks!

By Dr Mahalia Freed, ND

Sunshine! Blossoms! Longer days! What do our bodies need, as we move gratefully into Spring and increased outward activity? Part of any naturopathic treatment plan is optimizing nutrition. Just as in a garden you prepare and enrich the soil before you plant, so food choices nourish your body, so that you may flourish and achieve your health goals. Whether your current concern is increasing energy or enhancing fertility, ensuring that your foundational nutrients are as strong as possible is a priority. And, it is something you can do for yourself and for those with whom you share meals.

Emerald green, nutrientdense, fibre-rich and oh so satisfying, Kale is a powerhouse vegetable. I, as a Kale Crusader, am here to tell you some of the reasons why you should get to know this green, and add it to your vegetable roster! Kale is a member of the cancer-fighting Brassica family, along with broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy. Brassicas contain indole-3-carbinol, a phytochemical that promotes healthy estrogen metabolism, making kale beneficial for all hormone-dependent conditions, from PMS to colon cancer. Brassicas are also rich in sulfur compounds, essential for healthy phase II liver detoxification as well as being protective against cancer. At 92 mg per cup of cooked greens, Kale is an excellent nondairy source of calcium. And with 2.6 g of fibre per cup of cooked greens, patients tell me kale is their secret to regular bowel movements! While technically a “winter crop”, Kale grows well here in the summer and fall (plant some in your garden!) and is easy to find in your local market.

About Mahalia Freed, Naturopathic Doctor “I believe that within every person is an innate capacity to establish, maintain, and restore their own health.” Dr Mahalia Freed says, “My role as an ND is to help people access this potential by choosing treatments that support the body’s inherent healing capability.” Mahalia Freed is a Naturopathic Doctor happily based at Lifecycles Wellness in Yorkville. In her family practice, Dr Freed has a special focus in endocrinology, mental health, oncology, fertility, and perinatal care. For more information on cancer prevention, spring recipes, and other topics, follow her on Facebook: or visit her website