As signs of spring come into bloom, May is also a time across Canada to raise awareness about the environmental causes of Asthma. Did you know that 3 million people in Canada suffer from Asthma? At least 12 percent of Canadian children suffer from Asthma. And the trend is not encouraging - the numbers of those with Asthma have been increasing in the last 20 years world wide (more Asthma facts).

Take Action for Prevention! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Download WHEN's Air Quality Action Guide: Let's Clean Up the Air Around Our Kids' Schools!, and get active in your community. This guide is packed with lots of information and practical tips that you can implement today to improve local air quality.
  • Get a group together and screen the film, Toxic Trespass. Its a compelling documentary about the toxic burden that even children are exposed to. The filmmaker takes us on a journey to Windsor and Sarnia where residents are faced with an alarming cluster of environmental health concerns, and introduces us to the local activists that are taking positive action for change.
  • Visit Asthma Society of Canada's website. Learn how you can better control Asthma if you or someone you love has it, and how to use the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to inform your choices.