WTF Action Guide: Safer Personal Care Products for You and the Environment

The average North American woman uses 12 different personal care products (lotions, soaps, cosmetics) every day. Many of these include chemicals that have known or suspected health impacts. WHEN's WTF Action Guide gives you the facts on the chemicals to avoid, where to learn more about the products you do use today, and what the alternatives are. To download a copy of this pocket brochure, click here.

Although there is some government regulation, hundreds of chemicals are not regulated, and concerns arise from the cumulative impact of our daily and repeated exposure to these chemicals. Consumers and communities are now educating themselves to reduce their toxic exposures and putting pressure on governments and manufacturers to stop allowing unsafe chemicals in personal care products.

  • Interested in finding out more about the dirty secrets companies don't tell you about the products you buy?
  • Wonder what sexy alternatives exist?
  • Concerned about safe disposal for what you've decided not to use anymore?
  • Want to make your voice heard with government?

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