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Welcome the Premier Badminton League to the Cancer Prevention Challenge!


WHEN is excited to welcome the Premier Badminton League to the Cancer Prevention Challenge! Check out their Campaign here. Check them out on Facebook at Premier Badminton League and at their website. Anyone who donates $5 to their campaign has a chance to a judge for the Clean Beauty Awards!


An Interview with Charles Pyne of the Premier Badminton League

What does Prevention Mean to you? Prevention is taking a proactive stand whether that be education, environmental manipulation or monitoring to reduce the risk of something harmful from taking place.

Tell us about your organization: The Premier Badminton League (PBL) is a professional badminton league in Canada. PBL provides an opportunity to badminton enthusiasts to compete at varying skill levels separated by divisions on a regular basis throughout the year. PBL is open to people of all ages and is the perfect way to improve your game, meet new friends, and enjoy the sport.

What are the benefits of being a member of playing in the Premier Badminton League? Physical health and social interactions throughout the community.

How do you aim to help reduce environmental health risk? By working with CertClean to promote clean and non-harmful products.

Where do you operate and who does your league benefit?

The Premier Badminton League currently operates throughout the province of Ontario. The league will benefit anyone that enjoys playing and competing in the sport of badminton.

When and why did you start this league?

PBL started in 2014. PBL has been created to promote the sport of badminton and a build a stronger community within the sport throughout the nation.